1-Piece Universal Rugged Canvas Seat Cover by Redline




Canvas Seat Cover by Redline

  • Rugged Redline Seat Cover
  • Material: Black Polyester Canvas
  • Fits High Back and Mid Back Seats:
    • With Headrests
    • With or Without Armrests
  • Tear and Spill-Resistant:
    • Moisture Beads and Rolls Away
    • Machine Washable
  • Features Adjustable Cinch Lacing
  • Includes (7) Pockets for Easy Storage
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product

Redline covers are one of the toughest options available to commercial drivers on the road today, and their latest rugged canvas seat covers are built with rugged polyester canvas to better protect your investment from harsh work environments. Comfortable, durable, machine washable, and spill-resistant; moisture beads up and runs right off, making cleanup simple and keeping your seats feeling brand new!

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