Universal Faux Leather and Cloth Premium Seat Cover by Redline



Universal Faux Leather and Cloth 2-Piece Premium Highback Seat Cover by Redline

  • Universal Highback Seat Cover with Rear Pocket
  • Fits Most High Back Truck Seats
  • Made From Premium Faux Leather and Breathable Cloth Material
  • Breathable Center Cloth Material On the Seat Back and Seat Base Designed To Keep You Cool
  • Available In Two Color Options (Choose Above)
    • Black Faux Leather With Black Mesh Cloth Insert
    • Black Faux Leather With Grey Mesh Cloth Insert
  • Includes Seat Back and Seat Base Foam Cushions For Added Comfort
  • Built In Rear Pocket For Easy Storage
  • Forms To Seat For A Tight Fit
  • Easy Installation
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product

These Universal seat covers have been laser-measured for a perfect fit with factory or OEM-style seats! They neatly cover all of your fixtures without the sagging, bunching, or tear-prone stretching you can get with other universal options, all while giving any cab a sleek, modern look. Our friends at Redline know a quality cover should be an investment that rewards your back and your wallet, not an uncomfortable, constantly-replaced stopgap solution that leaves you paying more than the cost of a new seat in a few years— don’t get roped into big-box store “bargains,” check out a Redline seat cover today!

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